Lab Values


Our lab is committed to promoting equity and inclusion in science and society. We work continuously to foster an open and supportive environment where all perspectives are welcomed, respected, and supported. We firmly believe that scientific research is strengthened by an inclusive community of diverse voices, backgrounds, and identities who actively support and learn from one another.


We have a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment and abuse. In our lab and the wider scientific community, we seek to get ahead through mutual support, not by tearing others down.


We firmly believe that open science benefits everyone. We take a collaborative approach to challenging questions that are best addressed by a diverse, multi-disciplinary team. In our lab, department, and beyond, we are fully committed to open communication of ideas and preliminary results. We will make our data and reagents freely available to the scientific community.

Ultimately, the brain is a very big place, and there's plenty of room for everyone to explore.

Commitment to mentoring

I am only where I am today because of dedicated mentors and teachers who saw potential in me when others did not. As such, mentoring is an opportunity and responsibility that I take very seriously. I am committed to providing supportive and personalized mentorship to all students, technicians, and postdocs in my lab, doing all that I can to facilitate their career development in any direction they wish.